Elevate Your Products with
Custom Finishing

Unparalleled Custom Finishing Services

Elevate the appearance and durability of your products with W & M’s state-of-the-art custom finishing solutions. Our popular finishes include antique, brass, copper, zinc plating, gold plating, chrome plating, nickel plating, aluminum anodizing, and an array of powder-coating colours that spark your imagination. Dive into a world where your visions are manifested into tangible, beautifully finished products that resonate with quality and meticulous detail.

Why Opt for W & M's Custom Finishing

Diverse Options:

Revel in our vast spectrum of finishing choices, from sophisticated metal plating to vibrant powder-coating hues.

Precision & Expertise:

Achieve the impeccable finish you envision with our skilled techniques, be it etching.

Cost-Effective Excellence:

Attain superior finishes without compromising on budget, thanks to our optimized processes and techniques.

Dedicated Client-Centric Approach:

Every finishing project is a partnership, ensuring your satisfaction is at the heart of our process.

Our Finishing Process, Simplified

Personalized Consultation

Dive deep into your requirements and vision.

Material & Technique Selection

Based on the product, decide on the finishing material and technique.

Precise Application

Our experts apply the selected finish with attention to detail.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous inspections to ensure the finish's durability and appearance.

Delivery & Aftercare

Ensure you're equipped to maintain the fresh, new finish.

Witness the Transformation

Dive into our portfolio and explore the craftsmanship behind our finishing masterpieces.

Voices of Our Satisfied Clients

Hear firsthand from clients who’ve witnessed the magic of our finishing touch.

Sajan SinghSajan Singh
22:36 06 Nov 23
narinderpal sharmanarinderpal sharma
19:02 14 Apr 23
Beant KaurBeant Kaur
00:08 10 Nov 22
Kunal BainsKunal Bains
09:10 13 Nov 21
Jhonn MurciaJhonn Murcia
00:56 04 Aug 21
Parminder Singh SidhuParminder Singh Sidhu
02:02 14 Nov 20
Really good place for work.Very Friendly and Supportive staff.
Ray RayRay Ray
11:36 12 Sep 20
Great supplier of custom metal fabrication.
deep sidhudeep sidhu
00:56 10 Jan 18
Great experience. Good service and best quality material and reasonable price.

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